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About Us

We're two brothers and an elementary school buddy who love golfing, competing, wagering and squeezing the juice out of life. In our first couple years of golfing, a friend introduced us to a game that used animals to represent golf hazards. If a player were to encounter a hazard, they were given a corresponding object, in our case, an animal key chain. For example, if a player were to hit the sand bunker, they were given a cat key chain (litter box). 

Although the key chains provided a fun adaptation of the game, we pondered how to squeeze out more. In our eyes, the game required two important upgrades:

Golf Animals1) Improved aerial transfer capabilities

2) Mandatory display of all animals

The first iteration of GOLFimals was a hodgepodge of open source 3D printed animals with magnets glued to their bases. It worked, but was far from perfect. We worked with a graphic designer to create ten GOLFimals and our own unique version of the game. We 3D printed samples in varying sizes using materials like PLA, ABS, Nylon Bridge and HIPS. After hours and hours of designing, printing, and DIY assembly, we were ready to hit the links with functioning prototypes. 

Golf Animal Game

To ensure product quality, we began an important but lengthy R&D campaign (you're darn right we golfed for work). And with that, the current GOLFimals Set was created and we've been playing this way ever since. 

GOLFimals offers a fun and competitive dynamic to the world's greatest pastime. Paired with the iOS/Android GOLFimals app, the GOLFimals game brings a unique challenge to every hole and offers post game stat tracking. 

The Game Within The Game

-Kevin, Stephen & Justin


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Golf Animals