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About Us

In our first couple years of golfing, a friend introduced us to a fun betting game that used animal objects to represent golf hazards. If a player were to hit a hazard, they were given an animal object that corresponded with the hazard (e.g. sand bunker = cat key chain, out of bounds = dog key chain, etc).

The "golf animals" game was pretty damn fun, but we needed a way to improve the deficiencies from using animal key chains. 

Armed with a 3D printer and ABS plastic, we made our first prototypes from open source files, magnets and 2-part epoxy. As we got deeper into the "golf animals" game, we collaborated with a CAD designer to develop our own set of golf animals.

And GOLFimals was born! 

GOLFimals Prototypes

To ensure product quality, we began an important but lengthy R&D campaign (you're darn right we golfed for work). 

GOLFimals offers a fun and competitive dynamic to the world's greatest pastime. Paired with the iOS/Android GOLFimals app, the GOLFimals game brings a unique challenge to every hole and offers post game stat tracking. 

The Game Within The Game

-Kevin, Stephen & Justin



Golf Animals