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How To Play GOLFimals

GOLFimals How To Play
GOLFimals How To Play pt2
GOLFimals is a golf wagering game that includes Animals to penalize or reward golfers for performance on the course.
Animals are transferred to the last player to encounter a hazard or exhibit skill.
GOLFimals magnetically attach to the golf cart strut bar to publicly display successes and failures. 
At the end of the front 9 and back 9 (take score every 9th hole), each player tallies their subtotal GOLFimals score and notes it on their scorecard.
Total GOLFimals scores and wagers are calculated at the end of the round.
The player with the lowest total GOLFimals score wins.
    Recommended for 2-6 players
    GOLFimals Set no packaging
    For complete rules and instructions, please download the free GOLFimals app. Available on iOS and Android devices.